Saturday, July 21, 2012

Book Review: Oscar's Lunchbox by Pam Houssenloge

What a special day--I received a copy of Oscar's Lunchbox By Pam Houssenloge in the mail! 
It's always a good feeling when you receive a package. 

Reading through this fabulous children's book, I couldn't resist holding back a childish smile. It reminded me of the good-ol' days when life seemed so much simpler. When Oscar was having some doubts about his lunch at school compared to the visually-appealing lunches of his peers, I couldn't help recalling the similar struggles that I went through. My struggles with bringing my own lunches, (often lunch which needed to be warmed in the microwave all the way at the nurse's office) started in middle school when I was diagnosed, and lasted all throughout high school. College was much more accepting, and being self-conscious about what I was eating quickly wore off.

I think this book is right on target with it's message! I love the approach that Mrs. Houssenloge takes when Oscar's mum teaches him that what he eats is his own healthy formula so that he can perform his best. That is a vital realization that those with food allergies have to hold on to. Personally, I would always say that the best thing about having food allergies was the fact that I was eating so much healthier! Of course, that was before more processed allergy-friendly options were available, but regardless, we typically still have healthier diets than those around us. It's important to know that, and to be proud of it. Honor your body, listen to what it has to tell you, and you'll be living a happy, healthy life.

I highly recommend this book for all children! Please visit Pam's website to purchase a copy for your family or a friend:’s-lunchbox/oscars-lunchbox/

Thank you! Have a great weekend.

Andrea Garza

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