Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Immunization causes allergies

I am going to share a story with you regarding food allergies and the harm caused by immunization shots.

The daughter of one of my mother's friends has owned a cat for a couple months. The cat lives in their house, and the daughter loves to play with her through-out the day. The daughter has never had any allergic reactions to the cat.

Their family went on a vacation to Puerto Rico for about two weeks. When they return, the daughter broke out in welts and rashes all over her body and face after touching their cat. After figuring out that the cat was causing this reaction, the mother could not figure out why this was happening since she has never reacted any time before.

After some consideration, finally my mother figured out what caused this reaction. Before the trip to P.R. the daughter had received immunization shots!

The only conclusion we can come to is that the immunizations are harmful to the body and the shots severely weaken the immune system, causing it to become susceptible.


Unknown said...

I also believe that immunizations are causing the food allergy epidemic we are experiencing in this country. My daughter is 13 years old and has an anaphylactic dairy allergy. It started when she was an infant. I believe that the immunizations made her body react adversely to milk... she had never been exposed to milk protein before (I was nursing her). After her 3 month shots, I introduced formula - and wham! She is still severely allergic - can't eat even a drop of butter without having anaphylaxis.

My father-in-law, who always gets pneumonia and flu vaccines each year, also developed an anaphylactic allergy to peanuts at age 86.

I wish that someone would study the relationship between the immune system challenges imposed by vaccines and the onset of food allergy.

Lesya said...

My daughter got allergies and baby eczema after immunization. I have done a lot of reasearch and it is obvious that vaccination kills immune system of an infant. why are they killing our children? Are they just stupid or they do it on purpose?

Anonymous said...

They do it on purpose. There is a lot of money to be made in vaccinations. Since when did we care about our children as a whole and the overall future of all children? I mean, more children than adults live in poverty in this country, so what does that tell you? If I remember correctly I believe our vaccination schedule is also slated to increase in order to add more "recommended" vaccines. As a survivor of multiple life-threatening allergic reactions since childhood you have to learn to cope or just not have children.

Da Martyr said...

You can't bring mercury onto an airplane because it reacts violently with the aluminum, yet they think it's safe to mix aluminum and mercury together in a vaccine and inject it into a human. All studies that say immunizations do not harm people are ran by the gov, CDC, big pharma, or others who benefit from immunizations.

DG said...

seriously guys grow up,
have you even thought about the other things you are exposing your kids through your daily life, all kinds of chemicals and other allergens. We have decimated our natural fauna and flaura and keep our kids indoors in well insulated very clean home.

Their immune system needs to laern to fight.

As for the story about the cat, that is the interesting thing about allergies, you never know when the body will decide that it has had enough. My daughter went through 3 years of amoxcillin before she reacted to it. I am allergic to dairy now after I had her. You metioned the kid went without exposure to this cat for w few days, maybe she came across another cat or cat fibers that caused her immune system to revolt.

As for the increase in allergies, the other part of equation is that we understand and classify these things better.

Immunizations have saved muillions of lives, the epidemics reduced the world population by 30% every 10 years. Ask the Native americans decimated ny all the diseases they are exposed to. Just read about how smallpox was eradicated or how you have not seen a kid with leg braces in prbably in your life time becuase polio has been eradicated from USA.

God forbid if everyoone stops immunizations and the plagues of yore come back to haunt the humanity.

Seriously todays immunizations are more extensively tested and tried before unleased on us poor public.

Even smallpox vaccine had so many side effects that the only reason it was extensively used was the the disease was more deadly.

Just becuase you see a feather flying in the air you cannot say that gravity does not exist. You need more empirical data to make the case. That is what legitimate scientist do.

Unfortunately people like you who think that they know the truth because they found matching point of view on a blog or a message board are the worst.

All the evidence anyone can offer is anecdotal with no real data proving the claim.

Do you also believe in ghost, I have a story to tell.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am currently writing my dissertation on food allergy and have come across this theory of food allergy causing allergies.

I have struggled to find one study that directly supports this theory, in fact most studies I have found have found the theory to be false.

From what I have read there is a slight possibility that cross-sensitisation could occur to something a person is exposed to at the same time as the vaccine. However for this to occur the proteins from the virus and the protiens from the allergen would have to be structurally related. This is extremely unlikely.

Another possibility is that after breastfeeding the childs own immune system takes over, a person can be genetically predisposed to getting allergies, and these begin around this age.

I find it difficult when people disregard the importance of vaccines and the life saving properties. If the vaccinated population decreases, then this would put the whole population at risk. Ultimately the diseases the vaccine is preventing is much more dangerous than and side effect that may (or more likely may not) have a slight relation to it.

Anonymous said...

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barb said...

Vaccinations are the direct cause of food allergies. Peanut oil and other highly refined oils are GRAS and are ingredients that do not have to appear on the package insert. The bacteria culture is grown on food waste. Trace amounts of food protein remain in the vaccines which when injected with an aluminum adjuvant causes the body to become allergic. Vaccines are like playing food allergy roulette with your child. I have it all on my website:

Unknown said...

my little guy started getting rashy right when i had him vaccinated. he started develop allergies to my cats that had been in the home while i was pregnant with him. i didnt make the connection but once i realized its the same time line. that must be it. I stopped with the immunization saw a homeopathic doctor and i still have both my cats in the home. I really think immunization is not as beneficial as everybody says. I am not against immunizing and it is a fact that lots of diseased have been eradicated but for god sakes we are giving them to infants. plus id feel much save if the shots would have been produces in europe rather than the US. there are to many people benfiting from this crap and big people only care about money and themselves. so i will not immunize my little guy. i might do it later but not now. he is to small.

Anonymous said...

My baby is 3 mo ths old now. A week after giving him his 2 month shots (6 of them!) he had blood in his diaper. We headed to the doctor and it is a milk allergy :( Nothing changed that week except for shots.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my one year daughter is having milk allergy .she Develops redness on the site we touch a dairy product . She was not at all allergic to milk when she was born because occasionally we used to feed her through formula . At around 2 months when she was gone through vaccination , she got allergic to milk. Can anyone have any idea of whether the milk allergy caused due to vaccines go away on their own ? Please share.