Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kyle Dine on Tour + AZ Zoo Walk

Hello everyone!

I hope this morning is finding all of you extremely well. I know I have a great feeling about today. I'm ready to be productive! School is in full swing again here at Arizona State University. It's been a challenge to get back into the groove of things--especially with my Community Assistant (or RA) job. I love it though, and I'm excited to be a senior this year! Graduation is right around the corner--it still seems surreal.

The FoodAllergyTalk [ASU] club will be renewed this week--we have a new advisor and we are excited to work with her! Sam is stoked for the new position, and shares a similar interest in nutrition, vegan eating, and overall how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She's perfect for the "job" :)

I just received an email from a really great friend of mine--you've probably heard of him ;) Kyle Dine, the one and only food allergy musician, is going on TOUR! How exciting! Please see the information below. If you're going to be nearby, you won't want to miss it!

Kyle was a great friend, resource, and source of support for me back in middle school and high school when I began my endeavors with In the food allergy world, many websites were made by moms--and I was the only kid I knew who had even tried to make a website. Kyle was the youngest person I could find who was an active member in the FA community. The fact that he was so thrilled for me was motivation for me to continue working hard on the site. Thank you Kyle, for all of your support! It's been an honor to actually meet you in person (instead of just Skype!) With funds from ASU, I was thankfully able to get him to ASU/Arizona for the first and second annual Walk for Food Allergy in Arizona. What great memories we made both years!

Speaking of the Arizona Walk for Food Allergy... Lisa (the Walk Chair in 2010 & 2011) did her research and it turns out that of the ~$12,000+ that we raised each year, less than 1% of that money stayed in Arizona for research. Since I did an internship this past summer at an Arizona research institute, I know for a fact that downtown Arizona is a hub for research. Why wouldn't that money stay in AZ? It only makes sense. As a result, (and I completely support her) Lisa and the non-profit that she started a couple years ago (Arizona Food Allergy Alliance) has decided to host the first annual Arizona Zoo Walk for Food Allergies & Anaphylaxis in Phoenix and Tuscon. Please visit their website for more information:  I am offering my support and services as much as possible for the Zoo Walk. The amount of logistics work for this walk is obviously much less than hosting a walk from scratch, but I still hope to help as much as possible. supports the Arizona Food Allergy Alliance 100%, and I hope you utilize the amazing services that they are offering. I am extremely proud of Lisa---she has a tremendous amount of drive, passion and work ethic. She was able to get her support group up an running quickly, and she has already embedded herself well within AZ as a vital resource for those with food allergies. Congratulations Lisa! 

Thanks for reading. Please let me know if you have any questions/comments/concerns at . Thank you! Have a great day! 

Andrea Garza

Tour Dates
Sept. 9 - Philadelphia, PA -  Kids with Food Allergies Expo - Link to Public Event Details
Sept. 10 - AVAILABLE in the PA, NJ, NY Area - contact me for info.
Sept. 11 - East Brunswick, NJ
Sept. 12 - Woburn, MA
Sept. 13 & 14, Great Neck, NY
Sept. 15 - Philadelphia FAAN Walk - Link to Public Event Details
Sept 17 -19 - AVAILABLE in the Kingston, ON area - contact me for info.
Sept. 21 - Seattle, WA
Sept. 22 - Seattle, WA - WAFEAST Support Group Performance - Link to Public Event Details
Sept. 24, 25 & 26 - Danville, CA
Sept. 27 - AVAILABLE in the Bay Area, CA contact me for info.
Sept. 28 - Reno, NV - Northern Nevada (AAPE) Support Group Performance - Link to Public Event Details
Oct. 1 - Pleasanton, CA
Oct 2. - San Jose, CA
Oct. 3 - Danville, CA
Oct. 4 - San Francisco, CA
The rest of October I will be AVAILABLE in Ontario, Canada contact me for info.
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